Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dear Break-up,

You need to give a time .... The first step is the denial just like drinking alcohol... you say you do not have a problem with it... You basiclly denail the facts....
Second step is acceptance !!!! Acceptance is not that easy to follow up with .... There is always that thing you are mind is it or not !!!! More likely to be or not to be !!!!

When you reach the second step 'acceptance' you feel empty and upset with the physical affects such as not eating or just eating nonstop....

Then you put a distance with it.... whatever that yo are accepting.... In your mind you are rejected and ypu dont feel doing is worth it.... till the acceptance comes and concures your physical and emotional being... then you get used to the reality...

Never the less you shall need time; One day at a time...
when you notice time is passing by and you start to forget everything you shall start to feel free...

Then everything shall change, actually your self shall change and you will start to look aomthing new, something different and again this time you shall be more aware it may end...

So break-up give us a time to see and digest the process....

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Dear Break-up,

You always make people ready by sending messages. Your messages are sent by universe ; you made people to feel more uncomfortable or just want to change the subject or just put a distance one way or another.

I apologies, I was generalizing what you are doing to everyone, although this is only me, myself and I. I thought I used to think I wasn't going to let it go this fast and also i thought he wouldn't let me go neither this fast  and of course it was an assumption as well.

I am tired i mean really tired if it is a learning experience it should not be one way it must be for both of us. Us means you and I...

Maybe, I learned the lesson from this one, it was a different lesson.... and what you need to learn ... No more giving love or sharing love... Every brake up makes me stronger and bitter for the next one. Love, you need to talk and come to an agreement WITH BREAK-UP about how to do this thing... to help me more,

Let me remind you again everything has its own reason and the core reason is to teach; you need to be aware about collateral  damage such as destroying  the person's heart.

Next time talk to LOVE and let her know what is going to happen and make love to be sure, the healed heart is not going too be killed again

Dijle Koont C.H.T

Friday, October 21, 2016


Dear Love,

I thought you were not exist!!! Stupid me How I dare!!!!

I know You do exist now, please forgive me for my judgmental, stupid behavior I didn’t know any better.

I need your help… I lost hope and I now living love and with no hope and being in love is the most painful one. I have no hope but lots love; to give and to receive…

Please take it all or give  all of it…

Being like this and not practicing... you make me feel lonely not alone but lonely…

You know what is happening when you are lonely or maybe I should let you know….

I start to think and I start to find reasons not to love and I create how I can destroy you even though I need you to survive.

Now I am asking where are you and when are you going to capture me but not like this, the way I am having you…
 WHAT I WANT is;  you make the connection between ME and HIM and you to combine us and make us to last happily ever after ….

I am giving everything to you … The power to make it happen because I am again ready to give up.

Give up for good and not coming back to you again...

Dijle Koont C.H.T

Dear Answers,

If I ask the question, there shall be an answer…. Although when I ask the question am I going to receive the answer honestly or just the answer to postpone the reality.

I know nothing but nothing is set and dry although civilizations were based on reality and the honesty, right?
In civilizations, we were told to be honest and loving although because we are civilized we start to rationalize and analyzing everything.

According to conscious mind behavior; every answer starts to come up with not the truth , anything but truth to protect our own lies with pleasure.
Answers, please let us know how true are you going to be to questions that are asked.

Dijle Koont C.H.T  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cemberin Disi Icinden Daha Ferah Olabilir

Hepimiz birimiz birimiz hepimiz icin sozunu hepimiz duyduk ve soylemisindirde kucukken ancak bir dusnun o kadar dogru kibizim bilincimizin kabul etmedigi kadar fazla sekilde iletiism hlindeyiz birimize bir sey oldugunda hemen etkilniyourz ve bir oluyoruz Hindistanda olan deprem hepimizi uzuyor, Turkisyede olan olay dunyanin obur tarafina geciyor ve tepki veriyor Amerikada olan en kotu olay butun dunyadaki insanllari etkiliyor, Munih olipaytlarinda olan butun dunyayi etkiledi ve yillarca konusuldu. Cunku bizler duygusal iletisimi olan enerjileriz...

Kkelebek etkisi aynen bubunun gibidir dunyanin ucunda patlayan bir silah buun dunyayai uyandirir. Aynen bir kelebegin dunyanin ucunda kanat cirpasi gibi.

Kendimizi bu turlu duygulardan koruyup yokmus gibi davranmak terihtir anack cok fazla iclestirmeden hayatimiza devam etmekte oyledir. Kendimizi hep tehlikedeymis gibi hissetmek ve kkorkuyla yasamakta imkansiz.

Her zaman korku ve kaygiyla yasadigimiz zaman vucudumuz cok farkli duygusal tepkiler verebilir.
Verilen tepkiler bu davranisi degstirmeden ortadan yok olmaz. Hep hastaliklarin basinda stress gelir denir cunku stres her hastaligin ortaya cikmasini saglayan yegane etkendir. Korku stress yaratir, kaygi stres yaratir, sevgsizlik stres yaratir, kiskanclik ve daha niceleri.

Sevgisizligin yaratigi stress Seker hastaligini, korkunun yaratigi stress (guvende olmama) MS hastaligini, Romatizma, eklem agrilari bir isi veya bir yere gitmek istememktan olurken, Midedeki sorunlari etrafimizda hazmedemedigimiz her seydir  ve fazlasi

En kotu dedginiz hastalik bile size verilen ikinci sanstir. Hayatinizi degistirip dogru bir cizgiye sokaniz icin yada baska yollara bas vurabilirsiniz. Her zaman hatirlayin ki bildiginiz davraniz her zaman dogru olan degildir bazen bilmedigizniz dogruyu denemek size ic huzur ver rahatlik ayni zamandada mutluluk getirebilir.

Aliskanliklar alsikanlik olamadan once hayat sizin icin cok guzeldi o zaman siz daha onceden bilmediginiz bir sey denidiniz ve devam ettiniz.

Belki bundan sonra tekrardan dusunebilirsiniz cemberin ici mi yoksa disi da olsa olur mu  diye !!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Body Language II

Body syndromes may show up in different ways and in different part of our body.

The most important part is to be aware of our body hears us literally. What we say it takes the way we say it.

 Every part of our body means something different.

Lets start with left and right part of our body.
What is the difference between right and left side of our body?

Left side of the body is female energy that means the pain or any type of discomfort on our left side is related to female energy. Female energy can be anything or anybody that we refer as female. The right side is  the opposite of th left. The right side is related to male energy.

When the working area  is full of males and your manager or the authority image is male at work, the right side of the body shall start to act out... It can be  right eye to right leg.

That I mentioned previously our defense mechanism come out as Immune disorders suck as cancer, migraine, MS ( Multiple Sclerosis ) and more... Let's take MS as an example; look at the first attacks and notice where the attack takes a place left or right side of body or both sides. In order for symptom to come out we need to loose 70% of our health. After the first attack you can think what trigger the attack a male or female energy.

Eyes, the windows to  the world. When there is a fear of the future eyes start to get bad and we start to have vision problems not being able to see far side. When eyes are scared to see near future that usually happens during the old ages . Elder people start to wear glasses for close sight. Although we were born with two fears and either of them were about any type of future.

Ears are the body parts that allows us to listen. Sometimes we get a earache after a discussion. anytime the ears hear something that they regret to hear the affect comes out as a pain or an type


Do you keep your temple clean?

                                Keep your Temple Clean

Think about a temple just imagine or visualize. It needs to be welcoming, warm and everything is tender, for sure must be clean as a result not everybody can come inside they need to have good manners and intentions. Look at people how they dress when you go to church or what people do before they pray in Islam, look at people how they dress when they go to temples or Buddhist…Temples are always clean and people are clean as well.     

Let’s clean ourselves by feeling better

Practice below.
please note that It is not going to be so easy you may cry you may laugh

You may come to a point that you need apologies from yourself


Go to the mirror

Look at yourself

Tell yourself ‘I love you’

Have an eye contact.

Say it the way you want to hear from others, when they lie you understand your body understands as well. Treat your body as a temple then you will notice how your body, your feelings and the people around you shall change.

Change is a good thing  !!!!!!!                     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dijle Koont C.H.T                                                                                                                                             www.